Mobile App Design

San Diego Mercados

Interaction Design II,
Fall 2022
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San Diego Mercados aims to connect farmers market vendors and local community members, fostering a sense of community and supporting small businesses. It serves as a platform to bring exposure and networking opportunities to local businesses while providing users with information about farmers markets, businesses within San Diego, and local events. By facilitating connections and promoting local commerce, San Diego Mercados vision is to create a vibrant and engaged community.


To solve the problem, San Diego Mercados developed key features that enhance the user experience and cater to the needs of both vendors and customers. The app offers a daily overview of open farmers markets and ongoing events, allowing users to plan their visits and stay informed. Through curated recommendations based on their preferences and favorites, users can easily discover new local businesses to support. In comparison to generic review platforms, San Diego Mercados focuses specifically on local farmers markets and vendors, creating a niche community that fosters authentic connections and supports sustainable shopping practices.


In order to gain valuable insights and understand the needs of the community, the research process involved conducting interviews with a diverse group of individuals, including small business owners and local community members who frequent farmers markets or expressed a desire to engage more with their local community. Their perspectives provided valuable input that shaped the development of our app, ensuring it caters to the specific needs and aspirations of our target audience.


Through the process of creating user personas, we gained a deeper understanding of our target audience. One of the personas represented a vendor, allowing us to empathize with their challenges, goals, and motivations when it comes to participating in farmers markets and promoting their businesses. The other persona represented someone new to the county, enabling us to identify their specific needs, preferences, and interests in discovering local businesses and engaging with the community.

Brand Elements

Our app's design reflects our core values of being inviting, organic, and community-oriented. The warm color palette of matte green and dark red orange creates a welcoming atmosphere, while the use of natural brushstroke iconography adds a touch of authenticity. The combination of typefaces IvyJournal and Degular adds a friendly yet modern aesthetic, infusing the app with personality.



In other parts of the brand, the illustrations inspired by batok were used as patterns to feel united with the menu and logo.

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